The app that can trace and alert all people at risk from COVID-19.

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What's in it for me
as a user?

iconTrace people with Coronavirus
iconUnderstand your risk of infection
iconTips & tricks to avoid panic
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Picture of a little girl.

What is the
Covid19 Alert! initiative

This app is a non for profit project by collective of concerned techies and designers. We don’t harvest or share your personal data.
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How does it work?
Covid19 Alert! works with bluetooth data to trace whether you had contact with a person who contracted the Coronavirus (and uses the app). Privacy is at the core of our design and the use of the app is completely anonymous, and won't trace you.
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Contact with an infected person
You have been in contact with an infected person, but are not aware of it. You may have no or very mild symptoms of Covid-19.
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Covid19 Alert! warns
The Covid19 Alert! app warns about possible infections by showing if risks are low, medium or high. Knowing that you might have caught the virus will help you stay home and prevent spreading it further.
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Adjust your behaviour
If you experience symptoms report them to the app. If a medical doctor confirms your infection, other users will be notified.
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