Behind the app

How it works

Covid19 Alert! delays the further spread of Covid 19 by registering bluetooth contacts of mobile telephones. The app informs users in case they have been at risk of getting infected, when they have been near an infected person. It provides health authorities insight into the geographical spread of the virus.

Privacy proof
The Covid-19 Alert! app does not collect or use location data of any kind and doesn’t access the contact list of the user’s phone. This app does use Bluetooth data to reveal other devices in a certain range, but it doesn’t store information about where the contact happened. The only information it stores is the distance to the connected device and the time length of proximity. This because it can later be used for calculating the risk level for the user.

Secondly, no data is uploaded to the server. All collected data is stored locally on the user’s phone and encrypted. In the event when a person is confirmed to be infected with Covid-19, this data can be uploaded to the server, but only if the user agrees to inform people they have been in contact with. Information about risky meetings will be pushed to those devices that were in contact with the infected person during the last 14 days. This information will only include the proximity and time length of the meeting.

All Covid19-Alert data older than 14 days is automatically deleted from the device.
Risk level
The Covid19 Alert! app assesses the risk level that users are infected, by tracking points where they meet other users with a confirmed Covid-19 infection. It also provides users who have symptoms with a questionnaire based on WHO standards. The app provides users with crucial information on what to do next. The app shows the number of meetings with infected users.
low risk indicator
Low risk
The number of infected people the user has met is limited.
medium risk indicator
Medium risk
The number of infected people the user has met is average.
high risk indicator
High risk
The number of infected people the user has met is high.
When infected
When users are infected and it is confirmed by a medical doctor, they get a code to report their infection in the app. Other users they have met are warned. The person with the infection gets information on what to do next. The users they have met get information about ways to avoid social contact.
coughing man

Step 1.

The user experiences symptoms of Covid-19.

sneezing person

Step 2.

A medical doctor confirms the infection and provides the user with a code.

Step 3.

The user uses the code to register the infection in the Covid19 Alert! app.

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Step 4.

The people (s)he has met are warned about the risk of infection. They get information about how to avoid social contact. The ill user gets information about Covid-19.

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